Bifold & Sliding Door Hardware


High-grade Bifold, Folding Door Hardware from Hinges to Track Systems

Incorporating a bifold door system into your space – be it residential or commercial – means assessing both traffic flow and spacial requirements, in order to get the most out of your design. Across the modern market, there are plenty of products and options to choose from, allowing you to fully tailor your entry point to suit your specific needs.

However, when installing tracks for bifold doors, you also need to carefully think about the kind of operating system that best caters to the environment it’s intended for. This includes incorporating whether you’ll utilise a top-hung or bottom-rolling kit, and the kinds of hinges and tracks you’ll need as a result.

Top-hung vs. bottom-rolling internal bifold door kits

When you’re hunting around for hardware to install your chosen design, part of the decision will come down to researching what kind of operation you need your doors to follow. Both come with their own pros and cons, and whether you’re a professional or DIYer, you’ll need to consider aspects such as:


Pros: You can conceal the hardware for these designs more easily than other types, with the frame head covering a lot of the hinges and locks. Dirt is also less likely to become lodged on the tracks.

Cons: They do require a strong beam above the opening of your entry point so that your track system can bear the weight of the whole design.


Pros: These sliding doors don’t pull as much weight downwards from the top of the frame, and are easier to install than other alternatives.

Cons: The operation of the design and the motion it uses can be affected by dirt or debris that gets stuck in the bottom tracks or hinges.

Know your configuration

If you’re not sure where to get started or what kind of hardware best suits your needs, we recommend getting in touch with the Keeler team for handy, transparent advice. Call now on 02 9712 4550.